Here are the cutscenes you might see in Angry Pigs.

In Angry Pigs ClassicEdit

1-1. The pigs are too tired of being hit. Secretly, the birds retrieved their eggs.

1-40. The pigs retreived the eggs.

2-1. The birds hijacked all of the pigs' vehicles and escaped.

2-20. They found all their vehicles, and chased the birds.

2-40. The pigs retrieved the eggs in their vehicles.

3-1. The Litter saw that the eggs were in the birds' nest, and were about to be eaten.

3-40. The Pigs defeated the King Bird, and the birds went underground.

4-40. The Pigs went into a dead end, brought a bulldozer, dug their way through, and retrieved their eggs.

5-1. The pigs dug upwards and appeared in a beach. The birds captured the eggs and put it in a submarine.

5-40. The Pigs retrieve the eggs.

6-1. The submarine turned into an airplane, and the birds flew in it with the eggs.

6-40. The pigs retrieve the eggs and they parachute down.

There will be more cutscenes when more episodes release.

In Angry Pigs SpaceEdit

1-1. They entered space via a wormhole. The birds captured the eggs again.

1-30. They retrieved the eggs.

2-1. The birds grabbed the 3 eggs, chucked it into space, and guarded it.

2-30. The pigs found the eggs.

3-1. The birds buried the eggs in ice, and gave the pigs cardboard cut-out eggs.

3-30. The pigs found the real eggs.

4-1. The birds took off in a rocket ship with the eggs.

4-30. The pigs docked with the rocketship and retrieved the eggs.

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