Power-ups are things that helps pigs destroy structures. 

In Angry Pigs ClassicEdit

  1. Bird Blowout: Rains TNT.
  2. Power Eggs: Makes pigs stronger. 
  3. Litter of Pigs: Splits the current pig on the slingshot into 5 pigs. 
  4.  Mighty Sling: Fires more accurately.

In Angry Pigs SpaceEdit

  1. Rocket Pig: Makes pigs go faster. 
  2. The Moon: Makes tides on water planets destroy structures. 
  3. Meteor Shower: Rains meteors.
  4. Pig Radar: Detects birds and destroys the nearest bird structures. 

In Angry Pigs FriendsEdit

  1. Teamwork: The pig on the launcher splits into multiple pigs.
  2. Needle Shower: Pops all balloons. 
  3. Egg Mines: Plants fake eggs in the ground and soon blows up.
  4. Double Trouble: Doubles the amount of pigs.
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